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October 31, 2011

EverBank Launches Checking Account Promotional Offer

EverBank has launched a promotional offer -- an enticing alternative to current checking accounts. Now through November 30, 2011 EverBank is offering a $60 Cash Back Reward for customers who switch to EverBank's Yield Pledge Checking Account! EverBank's Yield Pledge is that the yield on your Yield Pledge Checking Account will remain in the top 5% of competitive accounts in the nation.

EverBank has frequently been recognized by others in the industry for financial and product performance, and as recently as July 2011, Bankrate.com awarded EverBank a 4-star safe and sound rating. EverBank does not charge fees for using a debit card or ATM and pays high yields. Additionally, EverBank offers unlimited reimbursements on other bank's ATM fees when you maintain a $5,000 average daily balance. EverBank also offers Free online and mobile banking, online billpay, and overdraft protection. To open a Yield Pledge Checking Account you must initially deposit $1,500. To qualify for EverBank's $60 Cash Back Reward you must make one direct deposit of at least $500 and maintain a balance of $1,500 for 60 days. At a time when many people are looking at checking account alternatives, you should take a look at EverBank's Yield Pledge Checking Account. Click herefor more details.

October 20, 2011

Ally Bank Announces Full Launch of eCheck Deposit

At a time when many people are looking at checking account alternatives, Ally Bank may be of interest to you. Ally Bank is an online bank built on the foundation of GMAC, one of America's largest financial services providers. Ally Bank takes a somewhat different approach to banking which they believe "took a wrong turn somewhere between fees and penalties". Ally Bank Checking has announced the full launch of their eCheck Deposit program which is a quick, safe and convenient way for customers to deposit checks to their Ally Bank accounts by scanning and transmitting a check image online.

The eCheck Deposit program allows you to automatically deposit your checks into any of the following Ally Bank accounts: Savings, Checking, and Money Market Account. The eCheck Deposit Wizard walks you through a step-by-step process in the check-scanning and upload process. The Wizard allows both Mac 10.6 and Windows users to make deposits from wherever there is access to a scanner and an Internet connection, plus it's compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, and Internet Explorer. Instead of having to run to the bank at lunch or after work, save time by depositing your checks electronically in the comfort of your home or office with the Ally Bank eCheck Deposit program.

If you already have an Ally Bank checking account you can continue to deposit your checks to your Ally Bank accounts through: transferring money online from another financial institution, direct deposit, wire transfer, or U.S. mail. With an Ally Bank Checking Account there is No Minimum to Open an account, No Monthly Maintenance Fees, No ATM fees, and many other benefits.


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